Milton Road bus stop

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 36.

Cycle and pedestrian counts

Following the problems with conflicts at the new ‘Adshel’ bus shelter on Milton Road near Green End Road, the Campaign decided that it would be useful to have some data about pedestrian and cyclist movements.

Hence at 0745 on a cold dry morning (Thursday 3 May) I found myself with a four-bank tally counter sitting on a wall adjacent to the shelter. Here are the results of my efforts.

Time Northbound cyclists Pedestrians Bus boarders Southbound cyclists
07.45-08.00 20 12 3 8
08.00-08.15 15 13 6 9
08.15-08.30 20 37 17 10
08.30-08.45 19 16 24 12
08.45-09.00 41 21 8 5
Totals 115 99 49 44

During 75 minutes I was recording, there were 25 occasions when cyclists nearly or actually stopped, or reverted to the road (often in the wrong direction) due to pedestrians in the metre gap between the bus stop and kerb.

Given that the number of cyclists at this spot will significantly increase following the opening of the Milton A14 cycle bridge next summer, some drastic action is needed. Also, given that £1.5 million is being spent on this bridge, it would seem short sighted not to look for a longer-term solution to cyclist-pedestrian conflicts at this location.

Might I be so bold as to suggest that a link from Cowley Road to Moss Bank or Long Reach Road, and hence to Water Street might solve many problems in this area? Although derelict land and the St. Ives line would have to be crossed, the distance is under half a mile. All this area will eventually be extensively redeveloped as part of the ‘Northern Fringe.’ A temporary route, assuming landowners will grant permission, would probably be inexpensive, compared with moving the Milton Road bus stop.

Jim Chisholm