Can you help?

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 35.

We have always recognised that many of our members don’t have any spare time to offer, and we continue to feel fortunate that so many help already. Just joining the Campaign is a welcome way to support our work.

However, there is always plenty to do, and if you do feel able to help, here are a few suggestions.

News, please

We welcome cycling-related updates from all around the Cambridge area. Often the only way we get to hear about problems (and sometimes, improvements) is via comments from members. And if you tell us something has gone wrong, please do tell us if or when it’s fixed.

Newsletter page layout

Do you have any page-layout experience? We would like to divide up the Newsletter editor’s workload, and the page layout is one task we think can be divided up. The workload would be roughly one weekend, or several evenings, every two months.

Newsletter stuffing

If you can spare an hour or so on Wednesday 23 May, do please come along at 7:30 pm to the Baby Milk Action offices, 23 St Andrews Street (between the Robert Sayle main and computer shop entrances, next door to Lunch Aid) to help stuff newsletters into envelopes. Tea and coffee provided!

Web site revamp

We’ve been planning for some time to revamp our web site. The present layout is creaking, to say the least. It needs restructuring, and possibly brightening up. We have already registered, in preparation for a re-launch. We are especially interested in enabling multiple people to contribute to the site. If you have some experience in designing large sites, we would very much like to hear from you, preferably with the address of an example or two of what you’ve done already.

Saturday stall

For an entertaining way to pass an hour on a Saturday, try our city-centre stall. It’s a great way to meet other Campaign members (you are never on your own) and help publicise our work. Contact Paul Tonks, our stall officer. phone 570599 or 313237, mobile 07870 441257 or e-mail

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