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This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 35.

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Many off-road tracks are closed as we go to press. This is the river towpath out of Cambridge, closed because it runs near livestock. Roads remain open, and official advice is to cycle as usual into the country on tarred roads and those bridleways and byways which remain open, then spend as much money as possible at tea-shops. Just do not go anywhere near farm animals or enter their pastures.

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Cycle routes closed

Two cycle routes in Cambridge are temporarily closed (as we go to press) as a result of the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak: the Cambridge to Coton cycleway (the ‘Coton Footpath’) and the River Cam Towpath between the Pike and Eel in Chesterton to Baits Bite Lock near Milton. The penalty for using them, according to County Council notices, is £5000. In both cases the alternative route requires the use of busy trunk roads. Questions to the Cambridgeshire County Council Emergency Centre.

Cycle routes obstructed

Several pavement cycleways, including those alongside Cherry Hinton Road (near Cherry Hinton Hall) and Milton Road (just north of Green End Road) have been obstructed by new bus shelters. The problem in each case is not the bus shelter itself but the large advertising hoarding that has been erected across the pavement, which decreases the available width and reduces visibility. See article. Comments to John Isherwood.

The new entrance to the Capital Park development on the Fulbourn Hospital site has introduced yet another obstruction to the cycle track along Fulbourn’s Cambridge Road. Cyclists now have to perform four right-angle turns and cross the side road at a place with poor visibility for cyclists and for turning traffic. The ramp across the side road is welcome, but the central reserve is alarmingly small. See article.

Cycle routes improving

New traffic lights have been installed at the junction of Grange Road and Madingley Road in order to improve safety. Six of the seven injury accidents in three years at this junction involved cyclists or motorcyclists. The new signals will also make right turns easier for cyclists. There are advanced stop lines with approach lanes on all three approaches. Comments to Andrew Wallace.

A new pedestrian/cycle crossing has also been installed a short distance away on Madingley Road near the Storey’s Way junction. The new crossing links the shared-use pavements on each side. Unfortunately this crossing has been installed in isolation and with little regard to the routes taken by cyclists who might use the crossing. In particular, cyclists who use it to help them turn right into Storey’s Way are still faced with the problem of crossing Storey’s Way itself at a point where cars are queuing to turn. The crossing itself is essentially just a pelican crossing that cyclists are allowed to ride across; cyclists have to stop, make a ninety-degree turn and push a button. Comments to Andrew Wallace.

Consultation is taking place about various possibilities for improving conditions in Norfolk Street :total closure, traffic calming, and improved turning facilities outside St Matthew’s School are all being considered. Comments to Anne Rayment.

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New cycle filter light on Newmarket Road

Cyclists heading into town along Newmarket Road near the airport are now permanently exempted from the new traffic signals at the entrance to Marshall’s. A green cycle filter has been installed to allow cyclists to ride through the junction without stopping, even during the phase in the lights when traffic is emerging from Marshall’s. The idea is that cyclists using the junction are protected from turning traffic by the cycle lane that runs through the junction. This is the first time such an arrangement has been used in Cambridge.

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