Cambridgeshire Structure Plan Review

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 35.

The process of reviewing the County’s Structure Plan has started, and there is a questionnaire online, or see your local library, but hurry, the closing date is 6 April.

This review will guide policies on planning and development in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough for the next 15 years. Regional Planning Guidance already states that some 4,000 houses per year should be built with 50% going on previously developed land. The results from these questionnaires may influence extensions to urban areas and locations of new communities. There are sections on ‘Improving our Environment’, ‘Better Travel Choices’ and ‘Cambridge Sub-region Strategy’ but cycling is only mentioned once and never in questions. I found questions in some sections difficult to answer (‘Have you stopped beating your wife?- answer YES or NO’) but it is important that all who believe in Sustainable Development make a good attempt to return this form. A very small number of people thought 25 years ago that ‘Reducing the need to travel’ or ‘Ways to keep houses close to jobs’ were important, yet now they are part of national guidelines. The results of these surveys could mean better public transport, better cycling and pedestrian networks, higher density housing with more affordable ones, and a swing away from a car dependence culture. Please fill in and return a copy of this questionnaire.

Jim Chisholm