City centre update

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 34.

The City Centre Manager is Victoria Little. The Assistant City Centre Manager is Ruth Lynn.

The City Council’s roles in the Grand Arcade scheme, as land owner and planning authority, are now the responsibility of the Grand Arcade Project Manager, Sue Chadwick. phone 457474

Two Cambridge City Rangers are responsible for patrolling and monitoring the city centre and helping appropriate organisations and authorities improve the standards of management and maintenance. phone 457205, City Centre Rangers

The City Centre Rangers are soon to be been joined by a Neighbourhood Ranger, covering Petersfield and West Chesterton Wards. The Neighbourhood Ranger will be responsible for reporting and fixing faults with pavements, signs and street furniture, discussing any problems with local traders and residents, and generally ‘improving the urban environment’. Mobile: phone 07711 753655

A new Signing System for Cambridge is about to be introduced. The area within the inner ring road has been divided into eight areas, called Kite, Regent, Downing, Queens, Jesus, Quayside, Brunswick and Fitzroy. When drivers reach the inner ring road, new Cambridge Blue signs will direct them to each area. Most of the areas have only one entry and exit point from the inner ring road, and area name plates will be provided at these entry points. A leaflet on the system is being published, and businesses, organisations and residents will be encouraged to let visitors know which area they are in. (When the County Council originally consulted on this scheme back in September 1998, we welcomed the proposal. However, where cycle and motor routes were different, we asked for the signs to show the shorter route for cyclists.)

The City Council is reviewing its Tourism Strategy for Cambridge. They say that ‘one of the challenges for the future is to ensure that Cambridge continues to welcome visitors and serves them well, while also conserving the character and environment of the City. An underlying theme … is the need to ensure that tourism in Cambridge is more sustainable.’ (For starters, how about some more information at the Tourist Information Centres about cycling to and around Cambridge? There’s precious little there, compared to some other places.) Any specific ideas or suggestions are welcomed by Elizabeth Rolph phone 457183 e-mail e-mail

Adapted from the City Council’s quarterly
publication City Centre News
Victoria Little phone 457205 e-mail