Trumpington Corridor improvements, stage 2

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 34.

Consultations are taking place on these changes which could result in big improvements for cyclists, but we are opposing one section as we consider it unsafe. Extra ‘on road’ lanes and improved shared use paths will be constructed between Fen Causeway and Trumpington, and a southbound 4.0 m wide bus lane will be created approaching the Long Road junction.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent
A cycle lane is proposed here alongside the Botanic Gardens on Trumpington Road, on the outside of the parking. There needs to be a buffer between the two to avoid car doors being opened into the cyclist’s path. This shared-use path northbound along Trumpington Road would be improved into a proper cycle track like that on Barton Road.
Image as described adjacent
A wide cycle track would be hard to construct here because of the slope, but a proposed northbound bus and cycle lane on the road would make it hard for southbound cyclists on the road.

There will be consequent removal of some unofficial and ‘Pay & Display’ parking. Changes will also take place on Shelford Road, Trumpington to provide a northbound bus lane. We oppose part of this lane as it will force the removal of some existing ‘on road’ cycle lanes, and a section of the shared use path to be constructed will, we consider, be dangerous due to severe cross slope and limited visibility. The overall width of the verge here reduces to less than 5 m and the slope across the cycle lane could be greater than 1 in 7 against the recommended 1 in 40. Although this change would reduce the length of the bus lane by some 200 metres it should still give buses a 15 minute advantage over the existing peak hour queuing. The Campaign hopes to be given sight of more detailed drawings at a later date enabling some fine tuning to the advantage of cyclists.

Jim Chisholm