This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 34.

Map showing Newtown

Image as described adjacent
Coronation Street

The observant among you may remember that last year the Council turned down our suggestion for making Panton Street (off Lensfield Road) two-way for cycles because of a possible knock-on effect on adjacent streets. They saw a need for a review of the whole Newtown area. Well, this review has now started. An evening workshop was organised for residents and interest groups such as ourselves, taxi drivers, etc, to consider how Newtown – the area bounded by Lensfield Road, Trumpington Road, Bateman Street and Hills Road – could be changed. Unfortunately, the several schools in the area did not send representatives.

There was general agreement that speed and rat-running was a problem and that there was widespread abuse of the existing one-way system by both bikes and cars. However, three-quarters of an hour was not long enough to design a new one-way system so the groups could only come up with some general principles.

If speeds were low enough, and the streets made fiddly to use, could this become Cambridge’s first home zone, perhaps abolishing one-way working almost completely?

David Earl