Web Watch

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 34.

Cambridgeshire’s Travel for Work scheme (of which the Cycling Campaign is a partner) now has a Web site – http://www.tfw.org.uk – alongside that of its partner organisation, Cycle Friendly Employers (http://www.cfe.org.uk).

The emerging website of the Cycle Theft Reduction Project (described by Simon Nuttall in the last Newsletter) is at http://www.cambs-police.co.uk/camops/crime_reduction/index.htm

BicycleBusiness, a UK magazine for the cycle trade, has an ‘Info-Zone’ accessible to people outside the trade. The site includes much coverage of the astonishing recent demise of Sturmey Archer. http://www.bikebiz.co.uk/

For information about folding bikes, electric bikes and alternative transport, try A to B magazine . http://www.atob.org.uk/. And, for cycle trailers, taxis, and much else besides, see http://www.workbike.org/.

Finally, for some delightful light reading, try BikeReader – a rider’s digest – which opens with a charming quote from the BikeReader dictionary:

WHEELBASE. The shortest distance between two axles on the same bicycle in a Euclidean universe. Standard advice is that long wheelbase models are ideal for touring, because of the extra stability they impart. A unicycle has no measurable wheelbase, ergo it is not recommended for touring.

For more humour, essays, travel stories and photos: http://www.bokeh.net/BikeReader/BikeReader.html

Clare Macrae