Mountainous invitation from Belgium

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 34.

The cycling campaign gets a lot of peculiar mail. Some of it is deeply junk, like the frequent invitations to buy Viagra by mail (is there something about cycling we don’t know?), or how to become millionaires overnight (err – is there something else about cycling we don’t know?). But of the cycling related messages, a recent one from Belgium lightened the mood.


‘First’, the writer said, ‘I have to tell you that we work all together only with friendship and the share of the same passion’. Great, another cyclist! Just friendly? No, there’s more. ‘Are you eventually interested on becoming our Lincoln, Norfolk and Cambridge’s newsletter and website correspondent?’

Ah, he wants something. Correspondent for what? ‘This website presents you more than 2,000 of splendid climbs in Europe. We already have 49 correspondents in Europe (but none in Lincoln, Norfolk and Cambridge)’.

Geography starts to kick in. ‘Our guide Passacol describes those climbs reaching 1,000 tops with all the following data: height of the foot, height of the top, …, maximum gradient, description of how to reach the foot, what’s at the top (nothing or restaurant, TV tower, viewpoint, orienteering table, …). It’s important to know if the pass or the mount can be reached with road-bike or only with MTB.’

‘You’ll become the manager and real chief of the regional guide of Lincoln, Norfolk and Cambridge, if you desire. All the good climbs (very steep ones, or very touristic ones, or very mediatic ones) will be included by you in this guide.’

I don’t suppose we’ll get many more invitations to be correspondent for East Anglian mountain climbing by bike. But one can but be optimistic.

David Earl