Planning watch – south of Cambridge

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 34.

Brooklands Walk (City Council)

After a long wait the proposal for the old government offices site off Brooklands Avenue has arrived. The existing site would be cleared of its 1940s ‘temporary’ buildings, and the huge ‘secret’ 1960s concrete block house adjacent to the Vicar’s Brook path, the ‘Regional Seat of Government’ in case of nuclear war, would also be demolished (with difficulty?). A new four-storey office block would be constructed in the south east corner with some 380 houses on the remainder of the site.

The relevance to cyclists is that the proposed Sustrans route crosses the site and redevelopment provides good opportunities to encourage sustainable travel. Unfortunately the initial proposed cycle routes resemble Hampton Court Maze (I never did get to the centre of that), with many right-angled bends and few direct routes.

Busway (City Council)

Controversial plans for a scheme linking Trumpington Park & Ride, Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the City Centre have also been submitted. These include some good high quality cycleways to the south of the city but could result in large articulated buses using narrow streets in the centre. Similar proposals in Northampton seem to have stalled: planning permission has been granted but not all landowners have agreed, so, in addition to funding, a ‘Transport Works Act’ is needed before the scheme can proceed.

Image as described adjacent
Busway and cycle route using the old Bedford railway line may link south of city to centre

Station area

It seems almost certain that there will be a multi-storey cycle park at the station in the revised plans to be submitted soon. Our complaints about lack of space in the original plans have been listened to.

Shelford Golf Course (South Cambridgeshire)

Plans submitted last summer for an area from Hinton Way, across Granham’s Road and as far as the railway are likely to be withdrawn and replaced by a modified scheme. This should include, at the least, provision for the Sustrans route from Shelford to Addenbrooke’s.

These developments could either advance or stall progress on new cycle routes in this area. The Campaign will respond to these proposals. Plans can be inspected at relevant council offices. Please let us know your opinions if you do go to look at them.

Jim Chisholm