What does CCC stand for?

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 33.

After the launch of ‘the organisation formerly known as Cambridgeshire Transport Forum’ a couple of years ago, local environment and transport campaigners found themselves repeatedly faced with a dilemma when reading internal communications: what does CCC stand for – Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council or Cambridge Cycling Campaign? Some bright spark quickly came up with a set of home-grown abbreviations that have been in frequent use on the Forum e-mail list ever since:

CCiC Cambridge City Council

CCoC Cambridgeshire County Council

CCyC Cambridge Cycling Campaign

We have striven to avoid revealing these in public, since they were unofficial, somewhat ugly, and anyway, we avoid abbreviations in publications such as the Newsletter whenever possible. However, we have received enough requests for alternatives to ‘CCC’ in recent months that it is probably time to offer these as suggestions for wider (informal) use. We are not going to start sprinkling them throughout our own publications – but we imagine that they might become a time-saver in local emails between Councils and others.

Clare Macrae