AGM Report

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 33.

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The fifth Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM took place on 7 November 2000, and was well attended. Our guest speaker, David Howarth, the Leader of Cambridge City Council, spoke succinctly for 20 minutes on topics including:

  • the recent inclusion of environmental sustainability in the City Council’s corporate objectives
  • the importance of ordinary roads for cycling
  • quality of provision being more important than quantity
  • the need to reduce speed and volume of motor traffic to improve conditions for cyclists
  • the importance of bus services in reducing motor traffic volumes

Campaign members asked questions on a variety of subjects, such as:

  • the continued disastrous installations of buildouts and width restrictions, such as recently on Queen’s Road
  • the poor level of local traffic law enforcement (Why can’t the CCTV cameras be used to help enforce car parking restrictions?)
  • whether Cambridge might ever get a pedicab (trishaw) service again
  • the poor design on many traffic calming installations

Interestingly, John Richards (the County Council’s Cycling Officer), was sent along to observe this first part of the proceedings.

Elected officers

Four new posts were created, to increase the number of ‘Officers Without Portfolio’ to five. This will give us greater continuity as people come and go from the committee, and will broaden the range of experience we can turn to. Unfortunately, the Press Officer post remains vacant. We hope that the increase in committee strength will give us more time to publicise the work that we do and issues that are raised.

The meeting expressed heart-felt thanks to Nigel Deakin, who became our first ‘Officer Without Portfolio’ in 1997, and to Sarah Elsegood who has run the stall very ably since 1998. Both will be sorely missed, and we wish them each well in their new roles.

Clare Macrae