Cycle Parking update

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 33.

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Regular users are so unhappy with the design of these cycle parking ‘parasols’ that they have organised a petition against them. They are at West Road’s Divinity faculty. If you don’t like the parasols, there are plenty more of this type of rack on the other side of the Divinity building.
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Enough places at proper Sheffield stands for the refurbished Sainsbury. It’s a shame, though, that the new store entrance is much further away from the cycle parking than the old entrance was. It makes life harder for cyclists with limited mobility, small children or heavy shopping.
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At this new retail development on Newmarket Road only 30 cycle parking places have been provided in a vast car park. Most of these spaces are also far from the entrances to the shops, but at least they are covered. City planning standards say nothing about locating cycle parking near shop entrances. Even if this omission can be remedied in the next review of the Cambridge Local Plan, many new shops may first be built with good cycle parking but too far from where it is needed. The new Waitrose in Trumpington has two reasonably sized areas of racks, both under cover, and both within a short distance of the entrance. Well done, Waitrose!