Regent Terrace update

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 33.

We are very pleased to tell you that the County and City Councils have agreed to change the parking times on Regent Terrace back to what they used to be. While superficially the changes were small, they extended parking in some areas into both rush hour periods. Councillors agreed with us that conditions for cyclists, at the start of Cambridge’s premier cycle route, had deteriorated since the changes were made. So, parking restrictions once again include the peak hours.

After resurfacing, this is the second very welcome improvement on Regent Terrace in recent weeks.

However, these aren’t the only problems on Regent Terrace. Parking along the whole street causes congestion, especially with delivery vehicles. Sometimes it isn’t possible to get past at all. Illegal parking across the cycle track entrance near Gonville Place is still common, as we highlighted in the last newsletter.

We were also promised that the bollards that funnel pedestrians and cyclists into the same small space by the Pizza Hut would be removed, but this hasn’t happened yet.

David Earl