Trumpington Road progress?

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 33.

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Poor positioning of railings

The first stage of the works in Trumpington is still unfinished after three months, but consultations on the second stage have started.

The (s)nagging list for stage 1 contains unfinished advisory cycle lanes both northbound and southbound in Trumpington village, as well as misaligned manhole covers within the area of these cycle lanes. These lanes were marked on all the plans produced for public display. In addition, the poor positioning of railings between the pavement and the road at junctions and the arrangement of some street furniture makes life more difficult for cyclists, both on road and on shared-use paths. Perhaps more crucially for Council credibility, delayed supply of some components has, I believe, delayed ‘linking’ of all the lights in this area. This could lead to even worse congestion in the area. Local councillors have taken up issues of incomplete works (and the Campaign may also write a letter to the Council).

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STOP PRESS: new cycle lanes laid as we go to press complete the length of Trumpington High Street

Following workshops involving local residents and interest groups, the stage 2 proposals are currently being drawn up by the County Council. These initial workshops indicated good support for ‘sustainable’ modes of transport. They are likely to include a much improved route for cyclists from Trumpington to the city, as well as bus lanes and improvements to primary schools routes in the area. A public exhibition of these proposals will be held in Trumpington Village Hall on 6 December.

Jim Chisholm