Cycling shorts

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 31.

Cambridgeshire County Council is one of 11 local authorities who have successfully applied to become part of the CTC’s Benchmarking Best Practice project. The project aims to encourage best practice and best value for cycling provision throughout the UK. From our perspective, the Council’s bid to participate is very good news indeed.

The CTC has also launched the CycleSafe initiative to promote far greater safety for cyclists, to highlight their needs and to encourage more cycling. The first outcome of CycleSafe is an excellent document entitled Delivering Safer RoadsManaging the interaction between cycles and lorries. The next two documents will be Destination CycleSafe which is a set of general principles for Local Authorities to adopt, and CycleSafe Framework which provides information on improving cycle safety. The CTC is seeking donations to help support the initiative. phone (01483) 417217 –

Huntingdonshire District Council has published the Huntingdonshire Cycling Strategy. The 8-page document is available from Stuart Bell phone (01480) 388387 and on the Internet

Cambridgeshire Police Authority has invited the Campaign to join a consultation event, all day on Tuesday 5 September at the Grafton Centre. This will, they say, be an important contribution to local policing policies for the coming year.

The East Anglian Ambulance NHS Trust has started a trial cycling paramedic scheme in Norwich. If it’s successful, Cambridge may get a similar scheme. In our congested city, a cyclist may be able to reach many emergencies faster than an ambulance.

Clare Macrae