Your streets this month

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 31.

Good news

Hills Road: these cycle lanes certainly need resurfacing

Cambridgeshire County Council has announced a programme of carriageway resurfacing in Cambridge. The roads to be resurfaced include many that we have complained about over the past year or two, most notably Hills Road, where the cycle lanes south of Cherry Hinton Road are to be resurfaced, and Regent Terrace. Other roads to benefit from a new surface include Lensfield Road, Newmarket Road (between Barnwell Road and Meadowlands Road) and Cherry Hinton High Street. Work started in early July and is expected to take about six weeks. Queries to Terry Radford.


This short traffic-free link is now open between Rustat Road and the Clifton Road Industrial Estate – home of the Junction and the Royal Mail sorting office, amongst other things. This allows cyclists to get from the Mill Road area, and the cycle bridge, to Clifton Road without having to take the long way round via Cherry Hinton Road. It has been provided as part of a new residential development by the Cambridge Water Company. We can take some credit for this – we objected to the original plans because they did not include a link.

Are these stands outside Mandela House properly secure?

Six new cycle parking stands have been installed near Sainsbury’s in Sidney Street, and four in front of Mandela House in Regent Street. Meanwhile, outside Boots in Sidney Street, some benches have been installed to prevent lorries from blocking the pavement. Pity some extra cycle parking wasn’t provided as well.

After a slight hiccup, Councillors have now agreed to go ahead with the changes in Milton High Street which we have reported in the past. These include some mild traffic calming in the area by the shops, a northbound cycle lane over much of the length of the road through Milton, and a reconstructed pavement for dual use southbound. The traffic islands will be removed.

Other news

Expect to see major disruption in Bridge Street and Magdalene Street for over a year. Three months of work by Transco on replacing a gas main will be immediately followed by nearly a year of construction work implementing the County Council’s ‘streetscape improvement scheme’. This will eventually provide two-way traffic through the bollards, a priority one-way system in the narrow section of Magdalene Street (see Newsletter 27), and some attractive but possibly bumpy road surfaces. Here are the main changes that affect cyclists during the construction period.

  • 9 July to 3 August 2000
    Magdalene Street closed to all traffic – including bikes – at all times
  • 6 August to 28 September 2000
    Magdalene Street – possible road closures at weekends
  • 9 October to 1 December 2000
    Bridge Street – (Round Church Street – Thompson’s Lane) – possible road closures at weekends
  • 8 January to 18 May 2001
    Bridge Street – (Thompson’s Lane – river bridge) – possible road closures at weekends

A leaflet describing the changes can be obtained from the County Council phone 0800 243916. Queries to Sue Hewitt.


Terry Radford, Highway Maintenance Manager, Cambridge City Council. phone (01223) 458260.

Sue Hewitt, Pedestrian Zone Manager. phone (01223) 712428.