Web Watch

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 31.

CamBUC – the Cambridge Area Bus Campaign – now has a web site – www.cambuc.org.uk.

Local CTC members have published the Cambridge Millennium Bike Ride. It provides a circular tour through villages around the city, using quiet country roads.

Cambridge City Council has launched a very informative web site for the Sustainable City initiative.

The Shell Better Britain Campaign supports groups taking action for sustainable development in their own communities. To quote them:

UK road users pay £16bn every year in tax… However, environmental organisations point out that the environmental, health and social costs of road traffic amount to £50bn a year. The costs of car use include, for example, greenhouse gas emissions.

Shell, of course, is not an anti-car institution.

Clare Macrae

The Campaign’s own web site is shortly to undergo a transformation of structure and content with a small amount of redesign to give it a more consistent image.

The site was started five years ago when the campaign was launched but it has now become unwieldy, and information can be difficult to find. We will restructure it, keep the information already stored, and add some new sections. The new site should be ready by October. If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, please contact me.

Martin Lucas-Smith