The Rat and Parrot: an update

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 30.

An update (from Newsletter 28)

There is a planning requirement that no deliveries are made after 0730 at this new pub beside the contraflow cycle lane in Downing Street. Following many infringements of this rule, the City Planning Committee agreed on 8 March that a prosecution of Scottish and Newcastle Breweries for ‘breach of conditions’ could take place.

This appears to have shocked the brewery into action: in the following five weeks only two infringements have been reported to the City Council, which has decided not to proceed with a prosecution at this stage. Scottish and Newcastle have only to prove that they have ‘taken all reasonable steps to comply’ to avoid prosecution. (If all traffic regulations were followed so carefully, cycling would be faster and more pleasant in Cambridge, and bike shops would do a good trade in lights.)

The CCTV system is being used to monitor future breaches and the city planners (Sue Finlayson phone 457163
e-mail are still requesting that people report incidents. Should the Rat and Parrot become lazy, they can be prosecuted without another warning.

Jim Chisholm