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This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 30.

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The bad news…

Proposals for the Elizabeth Way-Chesterton Road Roundabout include fewer lanes on the roundabout, modified approach angles, left-turn lanes on all four approaches and an assortment of cycle facilities. (See the article in this newsletter.) Comments to Malcolm Mugridge.

Two new traffic islands in Queen’s Road will create pinch points for cyclists. One, near St John’s College, will provide a width of only 4 m, which is the minimum acceptable for cyclists. The other, near Trinity College, will provide a scary 3.7 m. Comments to Richard Preston.

A left-turn lane has been introduced on Victoria Avenue southbound. Comments to Richard Preston.

Image as described adjacent
It seems that these islands in Cromwell Road cause problems for everyone


Newmarket Road is to be widened to provide an extra lane for buses and Park & Ride users, with improved cycle tracks alongside. (See the article in this newsletter.) Comments to Alan Middlebrook.

There is a suggestion that the traffic islands which periodically separate the cycle lane in Cromwell Road from the rest of the road should be removed. This is because motorists apparently race for the next gap – there is not room for two cars to pass – and then they swerve into the cycle lane.

A mandatory cycle lane was installed in Cromwell Road when the general Romsey traffic calming was introduced, despite knowing that motorists would have to encroach into it. Traffic speeds have not reduced, apparently, and alternatives are sought. The road is included in the Romsey 20 mph zone. Most people who replied on the subject on our email discussion group favoured removing the islands, but many thought there needed to be some means to keep speeds down.

…and the good news

The traffic calming scheme proposed for Grange Road has been modified, partly in response to our vehement objections, and partly because of lack of funds. There will still be a series of single-lane road narrowings, with directional priority, along the length of Grange Road. However these will now have cycle by-pass lanes on both sides, and a raised table for cars in the middle. There will also be cycle lanes on both sides between Barton Road and Sidgwick Avenue and between Herschel Road and Madingley Road.

Other aspects of the scheme remain broadly unchanged: a ban on parking (and stopping) in Grange Road, raised tables at the main junctions, a ramped zebra crossing near Clarkson Road and the closure of Wilberforce Road. The proposal for traffic signals at the Madingley Road junction also remains unchanged.

The revised scheme appears to address our main concern in that southbound cyclists will no longer be forced onto the pavement. However it does appear that the proposal to upgrade the shared-use pavement has been dropped because of lack of funds. Comments to John Isherwood.

A substantial package of bus priority measures, traffic management measures and cycle facilities has been proposed for Trumpington Road and Trumpington High Street. (See the article in this newsletter.) Comments to Richard Preston.

The Highways Agency has published proposals for a cycle bridge over the A14 at Milton. Comments to the Highways Agency.

The County Council is proposing to convert three one-way streets so that they can be used by cyclists in both directions: Bene’t Street, Hope Street and the eastern end of Burleigh Street (see the article in this newsletter). Comments to Richard Preston.

The sign that shows that you can cycle in Green Street at all times has at last been reinstated.

Addresses for comments

Richard Preston, Team Leader (Cambridge Projects), Mailbox ET1028, Environment and Transport, Cambridgeshire County Council, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP.

Malcolm Mugridge, Assistant Engineer Accident Investigation, Mailbox ET1018, Environment and Transport, Cambridgeshire County Council, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP.

Alan Middlebrook, Project Officer, Mailbox ET1017, Environment and Transport, Cambridgeshire County Council, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP.

John Isherwood, Senior Engineer, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3JQ.

Highways Agency, Heron House, Goldington Road, Bedford MK40 3LL