This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 30.

Trumpington map

Two developments in Trumpington are prompting road improvements in the village and on Trumpington Road. Following preliminary workshops, which Jim Chisholm attended on the Campaign’s behalf, two meetings in late May will start a wider consultation process.

The Waitrose supermarket at Anstey Hall and the Park & Ride site will change traffic patterns and require bus priority measures, and outline proposals for cyclists (which should include the use of the bus lanes) look promising. However, we will be looking carefully at what happens to cyclists at the Shelford Road approach to the High Street, how the left turn lane heading out of town at the Long Road junction is handled, and other details.

Trumpington Road is well suited to off road cycle tracks because there are few entrances on the northbound side. Our traffic survey of a couple of years back bears this out: most cyclists used the path into town, but not very many did so in the other direction.

David Earl