Cycling Evening News

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 3.


There’s been a lot of cycling coverage in the Cambridge Evening News recently. Not all of it has been positive. Here are some examples:

  • A minority cyclists seem to have been ignoring the cycle ban in the City Centre. This caused some people to call for greater enforcement which was duely reported. Apparently 60 cyclists were “caught” in the first week.
  • There were several letters calling for a “crackdown on dangerous cyclists” citing numerous offences, particularly riding on the pavement.
  • There were several complaints reported about the quality of some of the cycle routes (for example between Girton and Oakington, and through Burwell).
  • Following a CEN Editorial calling for the Grafton Centre ban to be made permanent, there was a response form Councillor Rosenstiel saying that it was nonsense to argue for the ban because a minority of cyclists ignored it.
  • They gave a significant amount of publicity to the County Council’s “Cyclist Beware, Beware Cyclists” campaign. This was mainly in support of helmets, but also stressed that “cyclists and drivers [should] show more courtesy towards one another”.

Finally, our World Wide Web site was also reported (although they got the address slightly wrong!).