Some Current Schemes

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 3.

The County Council has a number of schemes on the go at the moment. Here are some:

  • Histon Road / A14 roundabout.
    Proposal is to provide traffic lights at all parts of the roundabout and to build the bank out in the North West corner to allow the shared-use path to be continued towards Histon, and on both sides of the roundabout. Lights would also be provided at the Bridge Street turn north of the roundabout, and cyclists would lose the straight on lane at Kings Hedges Road south of the roundabout.
  • Harston.
    Proposals are being made to traffic calm the A10 through Harston. This involves road narrowings. There is some provision for cyclists indicated, but insufficient at the edges of the village. Work has also started on relaying the very rough and narrow shared-use pavement from Harston to Agrevo.
  • Hills Road.
    Moves are apparently afoot to carry cycle lanes across junctions on Hills Road following accidents where cars turn out of side-turnings despite cyclists right-of-way. This is an obvious and long overdue change. The lane would be a different colour to emphasise it.