Partnerships galore

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 29.

Readers could be forgiven for thinking that we spend most of our time looking at designs of road junctions and traffic management schemes. Whilst this is an important part of our work, there’s a lot more besides. We are involved in a growing number of partnerships, working to promote cycling in various ways. Here’s an update on some of them.

Cycle Friendly Employers and Travel for Work

The Cycle Friendly Employers scheme was launched in 1996, with joint funding from central and local government to encourage local businesses to promote cycling. The scheme has grown and broadened to become two separate but related schemes – Travel for Work and Cycle Friendly Employers .

We have been involved from the outset, and David Earl was until recently the chair of the steering group.

A second project officer has recently been appointed. Sarah Goretski will take up her post in mid April.

The Travel for Work scheme has organised three surveys of staff travel patterns. The results of the January 1999 survey have just been published, and it is hope that the October 1999 will be published soon.

Through these schemes, we have also helped launch Cambridge’s Adult Cycle Training scheme. Work is in progress to generate better publicity, in the form of a colour leaflet, to promote the cycle training scheme, which is open to all in the Cambridge area.

Cycle Friendly Employers:

Cycle Crime Task Group

Launched in August 1999, this partnership involves representatives from Cambridgeshire Constabulary, the City Council, University of Cambridge security, Anglia Polytechnic Security and ourselves.

Work is underway to try to find locations for additional cycle parking in the city centre, and to identify ‘hot spots’ of cycle theft throughout the city. Members of the group are also looking at how secure various designs of cycle lock actually are.

Health for Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Health Authority’s recent Health Improvement Programme identified two topics that affect cycling.

Firstly, the ‘Health for Cambridgeshire’ partnership has identified the need to reduce ‘pedal cycle accidents.’ What is important about this work is that the aim is to simultaneously promote cycling as a healthy form of transport. The partnership has already done work to try and clarify the existing casualty figures, which are currently difficult to compare because different agencies use different geographical boundaries.

The plan is to revamp the annual ‘Cyclists Beware, Beware Cyclists’ campaign in time for this October. I attended a meeting about this on 17 March – sadly just missing the deadline for this Newsletter, so I hope to report back on this next time.

Health Improvement Programme:

Other organisations

We are affiliated to, or members of:

  • Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service
  • Cambridge Road Safety Advisory Council
  • CTC (Cyclists’ Touring Club)
  • Cycle Campaign Network
  • Road Danger Reduction Forum
  • STEER (Sustainable Transport and Environment for the Eastern Region)

We have representatives on:

  • Cambridge City Centre Management Consultative Forum
  • Cambridgeshire Sustainable Transport Forum (the organisation formerly known as Cambridgeshire Transport Forum!)
  • Cycle Liaison Group
  • Cambridgeshire Transport Forum

And we have supported the work of:

  • Slower Speeds Initiative
  • Sustrans