‘Streets for People’ in Petersfield

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 29.

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‘What a welcome piece of paper that dropped through the mat – normally they get thrown out straight away!’ This was the response of one Petersfield resident to the leaflet distributed in the St Matthew’s area earlier this year about ‘Streets for People.’

‘Streets for People’ is an initiative of PACT (Petersfield Area Community Trust). It is supported by Cambridge Cycling Campaign; local Campaign members have been involved since its inception last year, when the Campaign’s Road Danger Reduction subgroup approached PACT to see if they would be interested in working together.

The aim is to give people the opportunity to say what they would like to see in order to make their streets child-friendly, safer, quieter and more pleasant. Last year the PACT Local Needs Survey showed that traffic was one of the biggest concerns of Petersfield residents.

Two highly successful ‘Streets for People’ events were held in St Matthew’s Church Hall in January and February. We heard about what has been done in other towns in Britain and Europe to make streets nicer places to live in. Ideas for how this can be achieved include lower speed limits and planting trees and bushes.

We then had a chance to do ‘hands-on’ planning ourselves, marking up large-scale maps with the features we would like to see. Everyone had a great time, identifying problems in their street and working together with their neighbours to suggest possible solutions. One participant said that it was the best public meeting she had ever been to and that she was amazed at the creativity and imagination shown.

Petersfield is also much used by cyclists. One cyclist told us that the most dangerous part of his entire journey from north Cambridge to the London School of Economics, by bike and train, is crossing Mill Road.

If you live in Petersfield, between Mill Road and the river, and haven’t returned your comments form, there’s still time. If you have lost the form, let us know what the problems are in your street and what changes you would like to see. Please send it to

John Collins, 158 New Street phone562364
Shayne Mitchell, 128 Gwydir Street phone313541
Paula Watson, 9 Bray, St Matthew’s Street phone323057
or email PACT at e-mailaaa349@home.cam.net.uk

We are now collating all the ideas and material. If you would like to know more, please contact any of the above people.

Shayne Mitchell