Your streets this month

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 28.

This is the first of a regular round-up of recent and prospective changes affecting cyclists. Please help us campaign against unwelcome changes by writing to the person listed at the end of each item. Full addresses are on page 15.

Trouble Ahead

The City Council is still discussing its plans for cycle-unfriendly traffic calming on Grange Road (see article in this issue). Write to John Isherwood and to your local county or city councillor.

The plans for installing traffic signals at the junctions of Madingley Road with the University sites of West Cambridge and Madingley Rise include left-turn-only lanes in each direction, a manoeuvre that is notoriously difficult for cyclists (see article).

Trouble Now

Two new central islands have been installed in Newmarket Road and Maid’s Causeway. The County Council tells us that they have provided a gap of at least 4 m on each side, to avoid creating pinch points for cyclists. Let us know if you have any problems here. The exits from the Four Lamps roundabout have also been narrowed. Some short lengths of narrow cycle lane have appeared, though these appear to do little for cyclists. Our requests for cycle lanes to help cyclists approach the long-standing pavement buildouts near Napier and Fair Street have, however, been ignored. Write to Richard Preston.

The link between Fitzroy Street and New Square.

The pedestrian link between the end of Fitzroy Street and New Square has been widened. This is good news for pedestrians but less so for cyclists since it cuts across the cycle route from Midsummer Common to Parker’s Piece via Fair Street and Clarendon Street . The County Council tells us that this area is not a designated shared-use footway which suggests that it’s probably illegal to ride across it. Our request for the link to be designated as shared-use (which would mean cyclists giving way to pedestrians) has been rejected, though we have been promised a review in the summer. Write to Richard Preston.

The resurfacing of King’s Parade is finished at last, and a large expanse of uneven setts (cobbles) has been unveiled near the Senate House. Whilst these aren’t as bumpy as the ones in Green Street, we’ve written to the City Council saying that this road surface is inappropriate on such a busy cycle route and asking that it not be used in the forthcoming streetscaping of Magdalene and Bridge Street . Write about King’s Parade and Green Street to Andy Thompson and about Magdalene and Bridge Street to Richard Preston.

The cycle track along the east side of Babraham Road still does not have reflective markings even though the County Council originally specified them. The County Council has now promised to install reflective studs.

Good News!

The island at the entrance to the contraflow lane in Downing Street has been moved slightly, making the gap for cyclists rather wider. This, in addition to the advanced stop line and approach lane for cyclists going the other way, has much improved the junction.

You can now legally turn right from King Street into Short Street towards Emmanuel Road.

The infamous pothole at the Fair Street cycle crossing has now been filled in. Thanks!

Fourteen additional cycle parking spaces (seven Sheffield stands) have been provided outside Sainsbury’s in Sidney Street . Thanks to Sainsbury’s for providing the money.

Addresses for ‘Your streets this month’

John Isherwood, Senior Engineer, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3JQ.

Richard Preston, Team Leader (Cambridge Projects), Mailbox ET1028, Environment and Transport, Cambridgeshire County Council, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP.

Andy Thompson, Principal Planning Officer, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3JQ