Cycling Shorts

This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 28.

The County Council is keen to find more volunteers to train to become Safer Cycling Instructors . The next full-day courses will be held in Cambridge on 23 March, and in Huntingdon on 27 March. For more information, contact Maree Richards, Road Safety Officer, on phone (01223) 717385.

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed an addition to the Campaign’s contact details. We now have a fax number : 0870 063 3150. Incidentally, we have also registered the web address, although we plan to continue using our current address for now.

There is now a second cycling campaign in Cambridgeshire – the newly formed Hardwick Cycling Campaign who are lobbying for a new cycle facility to be provided between Hardwick and Cambridge. The road in from Madingley will be getting much busier with the growth of Cambourne and with the University of Cambridge’s expansion at its West Cambridge site.
The web address of the Hardwick Cycling Campaign is

Media awareness of the scale of death and injury on Britain’s roads continues to grow. On 9 December, the Today programme on Radio 4 reported that Cambridgeshire has one of the highest driver casualty rates in the country, and was one of the counties not to include driver behaviour in its Crime and Disorder consultation last year. Remember folks, you heard it first in the Cambridge Cycling Campaign Newsletter!

Clare Macrae