This article was published in 2000, in Newsletter 28.


Parking for recycling bins and pedal cycles in a theft-prone quiet corner by the Corn Exchange

Is it my imagination, or is it very difficult to find anywhere secure to park a bike in the city centre these days? I used to think it was just Saturdays, but I have now had the same problem on weekday lunchtimes a couple of times too. I suspect it will become far worse in the run up to Christmas.

Does anyone know if the Council have any plans to add more cycle parking, or are even aware of the problem? To whom should I write?

I shall probably be doing my Christmas shopping over the Internet or take a trip down to London by train, it’s far less hassle (and you get more choice). City Centre businesses take note: the lack of secure cycle parking is probably costing you useful revenue.

Donald Allwright

If in doubt about who to write to, try Brian Smith, Director of Environment and Transport at the County Council.

Cycle Route Map

I am sorry to say that I found the new Cambridge Cycle Routes map rather disappointing.

The map is beautifully produced, but it gives far too little hard information on the cycle routes themselves.

It does not indicate which side of the road a route is (and therefore which direction it goes), and it makes no mention of shared cycle/pedestrian paths or of safe crossing points.

Having been knocked off my bike last year I am more keen than ever to find the safest and most efficient route to work, but sadly this map is no help at all.

David Clarke