Making life easier… (5)

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 27.

Everyone knows what a bungee is, surely? Or so I assumed, until recently. If you’re new to cycling, or perhaps if you’ve only just acquired a carrier rack, you may not know about these cheap, flexible, enormous elastic bands with hooks. Almost anything within reason can be secured to the carrier with a couple of them, available from bike shops everywhere. Ever got a shoelace from your trainers stuck in the chain? Here’s one way of avoiding the problem of those extra long laces, without having to tie a double bow.

For everyone who already knows about bungees, but has a problem with their D-lock rattling in its bracket, here’s an answer – a mini bungee. Cut all but about an inch away from an ordinary bungee, unthread the clip and thread it on the short piece. Fold over the end and secure with a cable tie or two to stop it slipping through and fasten between lock and frame. Hey presto, no annoying rattle. And while we’re on the subject of fastening, cable ties are available from electrical, DIY or hardware shops. These flexible bands are small enough to leave one or two in your back pocket to replace that awkward mudguard bolt that falls off somewhere leaving the stay threatening to wrap itself around your spokes.