Country rides

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 27.

Two short, easy cycle rides suitable for all ages.

Grantchester Meadows (2 miles each way)

A lovely ride through beautiful meadows. Take a picnic, eat at the Orchard Tea Shop or visit one of Grantchester’s many pubs.

Start from Mill Lane. Cross the footbridge onto Sheep’s Green and follow the River Cam upstream. Turn first right across two small footbridges, then left by the old mill. Go over Fen Causeway and follow the path across Lammas Land to the traffic lights on the far side. Here, take the second left into Grantchester Street. At the end turn right into Grantchester Meadows. This ends in a car park. At the far end, a traffic-free path leads all the way to Grantchester.

Milton Country Park (4 miles each way)

An easy-to-follow ride along the river. Take a picnic.

Start at Jesus Lock on Jesus Green. Keeping the river on your left, follow the River Cam downstream. First pass under Victoria Avenue Bridge onto Midsummer Common. Then go under Elizabeth Way Bridge onto Riverside. At the end of Riverside, continue onto Stourbridge Common until you come to a footbridge. Dismount and cross the bridge, which brings you opposite the Green Dragon Pub. Turn right and follow Water Street and then Fen Road for a short distance before rejoining the river path just past the Pike and Eel pub. With the river on your right this time, follow the river to Baits Bite Lock. Just after the lock, turn left and cross the railway to Milton Country Park.

Further afield

Fancy going a bit further? See the Campaign Diary for details of our monthly leisurely afternoon rides. Longer and faster rides are organised by the local CTC and by other local cycling clubs.