Cycling Shorts

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 26.

Good Practice Guide cover

The Cycle Friendly Employers Good Practice Guide has recently been published to help businesses help staff to cycle. The 28-page guide is copyright-free, and contains current information on a range of subjects, including cycle parking, pool bikes, company cycle plans, travel audits and tax rules. The Guide was published by Cambridge’s Cycle Friendly Employers Scheme, with support from the CTC. Copies are available from David Meiklejohn, on Cambridge 712429 e-mail

One member of the Cycle Friendly Employers scheme, Micrologic Solutions , has received much positive local and national publicity for a creative way of encouraging staff to move away from one-person car trips. Every time a member of staff travels to work by an ‘alternative’ means, they receive 5 minutes free flexitime. Someone who avoids using a car twice a week will earn an extra day of paid leave over the course of a year.

An update on the Southern Corridor Area Transport Plan – there will be another round of consultation on this, before November, when the City Council’s Environment Committee will consider it for adoption as Supplementary Planning Guidance. Also in November, the City’s Planning sub-committee will consider the Station Area Planning Brief . We responded to the consultations on both of these, so will be keen to see the final versions.

Cambridgeshire Health Authority (‘the authority formerly known as Cambridge and Huntingdon Health Authority’) will shortly be consulting on the local Health Improvement Plan , or HImP to its friends. We’ve heard that coronary heart disease has been identified as a key issue, so hopefully cycling and walking will get a high profile. Similarly, reducing traffic injuries is likely to be a priority. This might be the first local big break for proper road danger reduction. We would be keen to hear from any members with a background in health to help us with this consultation.

On Local Transport Day (6 March) this year, voluntary groups with an interest in sustainable transport formed a new umbrella organisation, calling ourselves Cambridgeshire Transport Forum . Our first action was to ask the County Council to form an Integrated Transport Round Table, to consult on the Local Transport Plan. Happily, the County has decided to form such a forum. Unhappily, they called it Cambridgeshire Transport Forum! So the local umbrella organisation has now been renamed Cambridgeshire Sustainable Transport Forum .

Clare Macrae