Cambridgeshire GIS

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 26.

Those of you interested in finding out more about your local environment might like to know that on the third floor of Cambridge Central Library a computerised Geographical Information System is available for the whole county. It allows viewing of all the large-scale Ordnance Survey maps including 1:1250 (50″ to the mile). It can be used to look at the locations of new developments and possible new or revised cycle routes as well as the back garden of one’s own house! I have only recently discovered it, although I gather it has been there for some time, but have already found several instances where it has proved useful. If you want to look at an up-to-date map of your local area in great detail, this may be the place to go. Additional information (accidents, census etc.) also exists, but I am uncertain how useful it is. You can even take an A4 copy of an area, but as you might expect there are restrictions imposed for copyright reasons.

Jim Chisholm