Cycling Shorts

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 25.

Parking for Parkside’s prestigious pool

A brand new cycle route , bridleway and footpath has been opened between Waterbeach Station and Clayhithe Bridge, joining the Fen Rivers Way. The route was created by the Parish Paths Partnership, and provides a link avoiding 500 metres of busy road for people using the Fen Rivers Way, the long-distance path joining Cambridge and Ely along the river Cam. It is, at present, more suited to travel on a horse than a bicycle.

The City Council has invited us to take part in a Community Arts Project called Mosaics for the Millennium . If there’s anyone out there who would like to help organise a cycling mosaic, please get in touch with us!

When Trinity College applied to install two Zebra crossings on the Science Park , the County Council response was that central refuges were more appropriate. As we mentioned in Newsletter 23 , we were worried that cyclists on the road would be squeezed out as a result, and so we objected to the proposed central refuges. Milton Parish councillors agreed. At a recent Committee meeting, Trinity were finally given permission to install the Zebras.

We’ve been asked by several people about the lack of cycle parking at the front of the new Cambridge Parkside Pools complex. I had presumed that the block of Sheffield stands under-cover in the multi-storey car-park would have been sufficient, though a sign to advertise their existence would have been helpful. Please let us know if you find these cycle stands tend to be full at a particular time of day.

Cycling Without Traffic Cycle East Anglia

Coincidentally, two new books of East Anglian cycle routes have been published recently. Cycle East Anglia , by Bob Shingleton, published by Sigma Leisure, describes 25 routes ranging from 10 to 35 miles. It emphasises Sustrans and the National Cycle Network, and contains a lot of background material, besides the routes themselves. Cycling Without Traffic: East Anglia , by John Brodribb, published by Ian Allan Publishing, lists 30 rides, including bike hire and public transport details for each one.

Judging by the number of enquiries we receive, I suspect there might be a market in Cambridge for installation of cycle-parking stands , to take the hassle out of the process. Ridgeon’s now stocks Sheffield stands, but we also get requests for names of fitters. Anyone got any suggestions or recommendations? I’d love to see a service in Cambridge where companies or individuals could simply make a single phone call to say ‘I’d like 5 Sheffield stands, and I want them installed over there, please…’

We were pleased to hear that Cambridgeshire County Council has applied to be allowed to test a new system to meet the installation and running costs of speed cameras from the fines collected. This may allow the County and the police to use them much more widely.

Clare Macrae