Campaign News

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 24.

Farewell to Simon

Our erstwhile Treasurer and National Bike Week co-ordinator, Simon Nuttall, recently headed off to Guyana in the Caribbean, to work for a charity setting up Internet caf├ęs. We would like to thank Simon very much indeed for all his work and cheerfulness for the Campaign over the years. We’ll miss you, Simon!

Membership Graph

Membership Update

Since we reached our self-imposed target of 500 members last year, we haven’t filled valuable newsletter space with membership updates. But as we’re approaching our fourth birthday, I thought another update would be worthwhile.

By 1 May this year, we had reached the grand total of 589 members. As the chart shows, we’ve continued our steady growth, and had a curious spurt in January.

Of these 589,

  • 328 (56%) are household members, and
  • 2 are group members.

Some other statistics:

  • 196 (33%) people have taken out third-party insurance
  • almost a quarter of our members read the Newsletter on the Internet
  • nearly 60% of our members have their newsletters hand-delivered
  • We know the e-mail addresses of 42% of our members, allowing us to send occasional news messages and announcements.

Clare Macrae