Now we are 4!

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 24.

To celebrate both our fourth birthday and the opening of some brand new cycle stands the Magog Down, we’ll be having a birthday picnic on Sunday 6 June, leaving from Brookside at 11 am, to arrive for the opening at noon. It’s a pot-luck, so please bring some food or drink to share.

We asked Campaign member Kathleen Foreman to describe the Magog Down.

Clare Macrae

Magog Downland – A1307 south of Cambridge

‘Why not buy it?’ – it was a farmer’s field next to the A1307 and opposite Wandlebury. The suggestion was made by Colin Davison, the vicar of Stapleford, and Christopher South, known to listeners of Radio Cambridgeshire.

Buy it we did, ‘we’ being a group of people who formed the Magog Trust.

Ten years later, and debts of over £350,000 paid off, you are invited to visit the Magog Down, as the field has become known, and share the open spaces with views over Cambridge to the north, and five counties (so they say) to the south.

Over 200,000 trees have been planted and are flourishing and walks criss-cross the meadowland; skylarks sing and year by year more wild flowers are becoming re-established on the chalky soil.

We would especially like cyclists to visit on Sunday 6 June at midday, when our first three cycle stands officially come into use, and will be opened by Anne Campbell, MP. Bring a picnic with you and share in the views from Little Trees Hill.

Magog Downland is about one and a half miles south of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, with the entrance off Haverhill Road leading from the A1307. Your cycle trip could continue along the A1307 to Babraham, through the village and return to Cambridge via Sawston, Stapleford and the Shelfords, or alternatively by walking through Wandlebury, the Roman Road can be accessed. Cycling can be quite rough along it but you can then go either towards Linton or back via Fulbourn to Cambridge.

We would like to welcome as many cyclists as possible on the 6 June to the site, but cycling on the Downland itself is not allowed. Only a few bikes can be securely left at the moment, but hopefully our fund-raising will allow more stands to be erected in the future.

Please contact me for further information about The Magog Trust.

Kathleen Foreman phone842486