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This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 23.

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CTC Cambridge DA has provided this bench beside Brookside, the spot where 75 years of cycle ‘runs’ have started.

It now looks as if our plans to produce a cycle map of Cambridge may at last come to fruition.

We have now had confirmation that Cambridgeshire County Council is willing to provide funding for a map. It will be produced by local company Adhoc Publishing, using cycle route and other information supplied by the Campaign. The map will be given away free, paid for by the council and by advertising. It will also be published on the Internet.

We handed over a detailed draft of the map to Adhoc in February. In addition to giving them a map of cycle routes we’ve also written a number of short articles to appear on the back of the map. These include a section entitled Why Cycle?, tips on safer cycling, a list of local bike shops, and suggestions for rides into the countryside.

Adhoc hope to produce a first production draft of the map (for us to review) by about the beginning of April. If all goes to plan the map will be launched in May.

Nigel Deakin