This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 23.

In April, a few residents of Romsey Town will be able to join RoCoCO, a community car sharing scheme. These exist elsewhere in Europe but this is the first for our area. RoCoCO will hire out cars to its members for much shorter times than possible with normal car hire – typically by the hour. It’s primarily sold as saving money for people who, at present, own a car (or a second car) which they use only a few times a week. It is supported by the council as one means to reduce car parking in Romsey. Car sharing, if it works, should also be good for traffic, pollution, health and parking problems. RoCoCO members are likely to drive less (since it will cost them a few pounds for even a very short car journey) and take the bus, walk or cycle where they can. They’ll use their shared cars for such tasks as taking the double bass to rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, rather than to pop round for a take-away.

Anything which gets a few cars off the streets of Romsey has to be good for cyclists.

Contact Phil Anderson e-mail phone 572553 evenings for more information.

Mark Irving