No trishaws in Cambridge

This article was published in 1999, in Newsletter 22.

Shame on Cambridge City Council! In January, after months of digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole over trishaw licensing, the Environment Committee decided that form of transport was were just too much trouble and banned it completely.

Councillor David Howarth and the Liberal Democrat group made a valiant effort to save the human-powered vehicles, but to no avail. Simon Lane’s only remaining way of staying in Cambridge is now an appeal to the European Court, a recent appeal to the House of Lords having been dismissed.

Words such as ‘over-zealous’ spring to mind when thinking about this absurd decision. It is a massive triumph for the bureaucrats, and was no doubt welcomed gleefully by taxi drivers who were the only people to complain when trishaws came on the scene.

While Nigel’s experience of trishaws in Thailand (see Trishaws in Thailand) is in a rather different cultural environment, a more comparable example is Key West, Florida, where tricycles mix quite happily with the other traffic and are a big part of the tourist scene there.

In the meantime, if you want to try a trishaw, head for London where they are being introduced.

David Earl