Regional thinking

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 21.

l suspect there will be few people unaware of the changes taking place in government in Scotland and Wales. But I wonder how many are aware of changes in England?

There is much emphasis on a move towards regional decision-making and regional assemblies are being formed. Each region seems to be making its own decisions about who will be represented. It seems clear that there will not be enough spaces, for example, for all the environmental organisations that might want one. This process potentially places an extra workload on local campaigns, and so regional umbrella organisations are being formed. The one for our area is called STEER (Sustainable Transport and Environment for the Eastern Region). It already has a fine track record of lobbying and carrying out research.

Our own campaigning work will continue to focus on the Cambridge area. But we have joined STEER and support it fully.

As a young organisation, STEER needs funds of its own, and its organisers are actively seeking donations. Sorry for the TV style, but if you can afford it, please do send a cheque (made payable to STEER) to STEER, 213 College Road, Norwich, NR2 3JD

Clare Macrae