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This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 20.

Clare presented last year’s Chocolate Chain award to WAGN’s Tom Joyner in the unfinished cycle parking area.
Image as described adjacent

Since the last newsletter, we have had another positive meeting with WAGN. They have continued work on the expansion of cycle parking at the station, though we don’t have news of the opening date yet. However, we were stunned to learn that the British Transport Police had objected to the new stands, which they felt would increase cycle theft. Astonishing, since a sure-fire way to reduce theft is to provide a point to which bikes can be locked.

The greatly-improved wording – although the photograph was taken in September
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Last issue we published a photo of a rather unfortunately worded warning attached to bikes. Since then, WAGN have reworded the message, and apologised for any alarm caused.

We’ve mentioned before that we’d like to see a continental-style cycle centre at Cambridge station, with staffed secure parking, cycle hire and repair. WAGN and Cambridge Recycles have recently taken a step in that direction, with the opening of a well signposted cycle hire facility near the Transport Police office.

Coincidentally, we have just received a six-page ‘red top’ report (TAL 5/98) from the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, with lots of information on cycle centres.

Clare Macrae