Annual General Meeting

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 20.

Councillor Shona Johnstone trying out Simon’s BikeE at the opening of the Barton Road cycle path
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Now that the Campaign has survived to the ripe old age of three, we need to hold another AGM. This will take up part of the regular open meeting on Tuesday 6 October. As usual, the meeting is in the Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane. Every campaign member is welcome to attend and entitled to vote.

This year we have invited Shona Johnstone, chair of the County Council’s Environment and Transport Committee, to speak to the AGM. This is a very influential committee; we welcome the opportunity to meet Ms Johnstone and to hear her views on The Politics of Cycling and Transport at the County Council. There will also be a chance for Campaign members to ask questions about cycling-related matters.

The schedule is:

  • 7.30 – Free tea, coffee and biscuits
  • 8.00 – Invited speaker Shona Johnstone
  • 8.45 – AGM Business
  • 9.45 – Meeting closes – and adjourns to the Zebra

AGM Business

The formal business of the AGM will be brief, consisting mainly of:

  • Short reports from some of this year’s officers, including a summary of the recent Strategy Day.
  • Motions – to be submitted to the Co-ordinator phone 501050 by 6 pm on Sunday 4 October at the latest.
  • Elections – see below.


This year, these officers are standing for re-election:

  • Treasurer – Simon Nuttall
  • Co-ordinator – Clare Macrae
  • Membership Secretary – David Earl
  • Liaison Officer – David Earl
  • Newsletter Editor – Mark Irving
  • Officer Without Portfolio – Nigel Deakin

Two posts are vacant, and we are very keen to find members to take on these jobs:

  • Press Officer
  • Stall Officer

The first post to be filled is that of Press Officer. David Earl took over as Acting Press Officer during our first year, when our first Press Officer left Cambridge. Last year, he dropped the ‘Acting’ and took on the post permanently. However, with two other Campaign jobs as well, he has decided to step down from the Press Officer post this October.

The Press Officer’s work mainly involves writing press releases for the Campaign and following them up. Ideally, the Press Officer should have e-mail access and especially the facility to send faxes. David is keen to stress that he will be around to help – but just doesn’t have enough time for the job any more. If you would like to hear more about it, please give David a ring on 690718.

Sadly, Paula is stepping down as Stall Officer after three years of running the Saturday stall in the Market Square. If you would like talk about what’s involved, do give Paula a ring on 323057.

Clare Macrae