This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 2.

Both the August and September meetings have discussed our constitution. Here is the one we finally came up with:

The group shall be called the Cambridge Cycling Campaign

Membership will be open to all (cyclists or not) who subscribe to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign Constitution and pay the annual fee. Rates of membership will be reviewed by the AGM.


  • to encourage bicycle usage in Cambridge and its environs by making it a safer, more convenient and generally more attractive proposition than it currently is.
  • to promote cycling as a solution to local transport problems, road traffic casualties and urban air pollution. Cycling is beneficial to the public health and applicable to all social classes and age groups, notwithstanding the hazards and disincentives imposed by national and local policies.
  • to increase the influence that cyclists have on local transport policy and planning
  • to address the wider issues of transport planning and motoring culture as they affect the condition of cycling

The General Meeting (G.M.):

  • is open to all members of the Campaign and is its highest body
  • is held monthly
  • shall discuss and decide Campaign policy
  • makes decisions by ordinary majority
  • shall hold the Elected Officers accountable for their actions
  • shall appoint a Chair, to chair the meeting, and a Secretary, to take the minutes.

The Annual General Meeting:

  • shall be held annually in the second half of the year
  • shall be quorate with 20 members present
  • may amend the constitution with a 2/3 majority of all those voting
  • shall select Elected Officers by simple majority vote to serve an annual term (votes shall be counted by two people not standing for any post or with any personal interest in the outcome of the vote)
  • shall approve the accounts
  • shall appoint a Chair, to chair the meeting, and a Secretary, to take the minutes.

The Elected Officers:

  • shall implement Campaign policy, subject to a G.M.
  • shall consist of:
    • Treasurer, who shall be responsible for the Campaign’s accounts and will prepare them for annual inspection by the AGM
    • Newsletter Editor, who will prepare a regular newsletter
    • Membership Secretary, who will deal with membership applications
    • Press and Publicity Officer, who will co-ordinate the campaign’s communications with the press and other media
    • Stall Officer, who will co-ordinate a stall representing the views of CCC

Following resignation of any officer a replacement shall be elected by an Extraordinary General Meeting.


The Campaign shall operate a bank account with:

  • 3 signatories, elected by a G.M.
  • 2 signatures required on each cheque drawn on the account.