Sainsbury’s, Cycles, and Arbury Park

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 2.

As reported in the last newsletter, a small group met to discuss how the Cambridge Cycling Campaign should respond to the developers of the new Sainsbury out-of-town complex.

The key points of their letter to the developers were:

  • we had decided to submit a formal objection to the planning application (to South Cambs, the relevant planning authority) since any facilities proposed by the developer would merely serve to alleviate the considerable additional problems caused by the new development itself.
  • that we would prefer not to meet up with the developers,
  • that they shouldn’t use our name in any way that would suggest that we support the scheme or any of the cycle facilities in it
  • that is the scheme did go ahead, adequate provision should be made for cyclists at the A14 roundabout, in particular. It’s inevitable that there will be a huge increase of traffic at this junction, so we proposed that a subway or bridge there should be included in the costings for the whole scheme.

However, at one of the recent travelling road shows, Clare Macrae heard consultants to the developers claiming that the Cambridge Cycling Campaign had been in personal contact and was quite positive about the facilities proposed. As you can see, this is quite untrue!