Help Improve Cycle Provision!

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 2.

At September’s meeting, David Earl (via Clare Macrae) told of us two ways in which we can improve the cycle facilities in Cambridge:

Cycle Challenge

This is a new government initiative to “encourage more people to cycle and make cycling easier, safer and more convenient”, as Steven Norris, the Minister for Local Transport and Road Safety described it earlier this summer.

Businesses, companies, schools, and local councils can all bid for part of the £2 million available. Schemes which match or exceed the government’s contribution are most likely to succeed.

Maybe you know of an employer who could would put in some cycle facilities if they could have some help with the cost? If you do, then let David Earl know and he can put you in contact with the relevant people.

The bids have to be in to the Department of Transport by the end of October, so lets see if we can come up with innovative schemes to bring some of this cash to Cambridge.

Cycle Route Surfacing

Just how good is the surface of the cycle routes we cycle along? Apparently, some differences may be due to whether or not a machine was used to put down the tarmac. Andy Walford at the County Council is interested in getting feedback (rated on a 1 to 10 scale) from campaign members on the following cycle routes:

  1. City Boundary to Barton
  2. Harston to Foxton
  3. Burwell to Swafham
  4. Oakington to Girton

Please can you give David a ring if you plan to assess any of these routes so that we can coordinate what we’re looking for, and how we’re grading what we find.