Quality and Quantity

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 2.

Another subgroup was announced at the August meeting to discuss Quality Standards in the provision of cycle facilities.

We’d all like to see more facilities for cyclists in Cambridge, but some of the schemes have been badly thought out or inadequately implemented.

For example:

  • cycle lanes that are too narrow give cyclists a false sense of security and insufficient clearance from motorists.
  • joint-use pavements with umpteen side roads and turnings (at which the cyclists must give way) hinder cycling and discourage their use.

Please come along to the subgroup if you are interested in joining us to discuss these and other quality issues, with the view of creating a recommendation document.

The first meeting is planned for 7:30pm on Tuesday 26th Sept at 76 Beche Rd (near Riverside, off Newmarket Rd).