Cycle Ban in Burleigh Street

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 2.

The meeting in August discussed the current trial cycling ban in Burleigh Street. The County Council’s 6-month trial is nearing completion and the Campaign needs to get a response together.

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Most members of the Campaign at the meeting were against the ban to various degrees and it was decided to form a subgroup to meet and discuss the issue.

This subgroup has now drafted a letter to be sent to the council. The main points of this letter are:

  • that ban is contrary to the Department of Transport’s recommendations
  • the ban is also inconsistent with the Council’s own policy when it is busy instituting shared-use footways elsewhere in the city
  • the alternative routes are unsatisfactory in many ways (they’re incoherent, indirect and unsafe)
  • the safety issue is dubious since there has been a remarkable safety record in the area (only one cycle/pedestrian accident in 13 years)

The September meeting talked about making a public stand protesting against the ban. However, we decided to discuss this further at a future meeting.