Membership Update

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.

500th member, Donald Bett
Image as described adjacent

We’ve done it! Four months ahead of our aim, we’ve passed the 500 members mark! You might have seen the press coverage, welcoming 500th member Donald Bett. Since we’ve been asking new members how they heard about the Campaign, we’ve discovered how many people join because of personal recommendations. So, thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word.

Although 500 was our target, it’s by no means a limit. So if you’re reading this and think you might be interested in joining the Campaign, please do get in touch with us – see Contacting the Campaign for details.

Graph of membership numbers from June 1995 to October 1998 Image: mudgard sticker

Mudguard stickers are now available at a cost of 25p from the Saturday stall in the market square. Or you can send a stamped self-addressed envelope to us with a first class stamp enclosed and we will post one to you.

Incidentally, clean your mudguard with washing-up liquid before applying, so it will stick properly.

Clare Macrae