Safe Routes To School

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.

Image: 'Safer Routs to School' logo

Safe Routes To School is a Sustrans initiative to get school children to look at ways to make it easier to walk or cycle to their own schools.

Anyone who has noticed the great drop in traffic queues in half term might be surprised to note that the actual drop in rush-hour journeys in these weeks is only around 8% to 10%.

This highlights the benefits available from reducing motorised journeys to school.

Locally, ten schools in Cambridge, St Ives and Littleport have started setting up project groups to look at the issues.

One of a recent set of postcards published by Sustrans promoting Safe Routes To School
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Cambridgeshire County Council have recently appointed a Safe Routes To Schools project worker, Tara Lammas-Daniell, who will be based at Shire Hall with the County Council’s Road Safety Team. Curiously though, the scheme seems to have been renamed locally, and is referred to as ‘Safer Routes To School’. For more information about the project contact Tara on 717385.

Clare Macrae