National Bike Week

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.

Commuters’ Stall

On Monday morning of National Bike Week, several Campaign members were up early to set out our stall outside the station and spread the word to people going to work by train. Despite the fact that most of them were late for their trains (generally because they couldn’t find anywhere to park their bikes), quite a few people stopped to talk. Some even joined the Campaign, or promised to.

Several of them mentioned that they hadn’t been able to find anywhere to park, and Simon videoed others searching for a spot, and recorded their comments. At the time, all we could say was that we were pursuing the matter actively with WAGN, but now we have good news for everyone wanting to park a bike at the station (see Cycle parking at the station).

Leaflets about National Bike Week were left on all the bikes parked outside the station, no-one stopped to abuse us, and, no doubt due partly to the fact that this was the only NBW event it didn’t rain on, we all felt it was a couple of hours well spent (and some of us even got to work early).

Debby Banham


Thank you to everyone who made our programme of events for National Bike Week possible, including

  • the small but dedicated band of volunteers on the sub-group who worked since February planning events
  • the volunteers on each day who made each of the events possible
  • Stephen, Susan, Polly and the staff at Hobbs Pavilion – for a wonderful breakfast – sorry about the weather!
  • Travelwise, for supporting ‘National Bike to Work Day’
  • Sue Hiby, for a spectacular feast of Dutch food after the Groningen presentation
  • Sue Woodsford, at the City Council, for a superb display of Cycling Campaign and National Bike Week material in a very prominent location outside the Guildhall all week
  • all who brought cycles along to the ‘Try a Bike’ day
  • Cambridge YMCA, for the loan of the 6-seater bike
  • The local tourist attractions who offered discounts to cyclists throughout the week

We are having a ‘Post-Bike-Week’ party, on Sunday 23 August, from 5 pm, at 8 Thirleby Close. If you were involved in any way in way in any of our Bike Week events, you are extremely welcome to come along and join in the fun, partake of the food, and enjoy the video footage of some of our events.

Clare Macrae

Stephen Hill poses for the TV cameras at the Cyclists’ Breakfast
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BBC Radio Cambridgeshire reporter borrows Hobbs Pavilion trade bike to replace a flat battery in his tape recorder
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Try-a-Bike in the market square
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National Bike Week children’s art competition

Nathalie Richards receives her prize in the Children’s Art Competition (her picture is on the cover)
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Entry by Eliza Hembrow
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Entry by Erin Austin
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Entry by Giles Currington
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Entry by Rowan Austin
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