Subgroup news

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.


The idea of producing a map of cycle routes in Cambridge has generated a lot of interest from members. Thank you to everybody who has offered suggestions and support. The inaugural meeting of the maps subgroup had the largest turnout I’ve ever seen at a campaign subgroup!

The first task of the subgroup is to decide whether to produce a map ourselves or whether to persuade somebody else to produce one. We are therefore currently in a ‘research’ phase, investigating how we might produce our own map and how much it would cost at the same time as talking to commercial organisations who might be interested in producing a map on a commercial basis.

Nigel Deakin

Science Park access

Earlier this year Bidwells kindly sent us plans of changes to the layout of the Science Park Access Road, including details of a new shared-use cycle path planned for the entrance to the site.

Overall, we were rather disappointed at the right-angled bends, and the lack of integration of the track into the junctions at either end. (In fairness, Bidwells did make it clear that the plans we had been given were slightly out of date.)

We wrote to Bidwells, and to the County Council, with detailed comments.

We haven’t received a reply from Bidwells, but we have received an assurance from the County Council that our comments will be passed on to the engineers involved. We trust that this will indeed be the case.

Clare Macrae


A new sub-group formed recently to continue work on our plans for a local trailer-loan scheme.

The idea is for the Campaign to buy a small number of load-carrying cycle trailers, and store them in a secure but easily accessible location. Individual Campaign members could then borrow a trailer, for a period such as 24 or 48 hours, to do things like shopping, carrying recycling, making bulky purchases, etc. This will enable some journeys, which otherwise would have needed a car or taxi, to be done easily and conveniently by bike.

We expect that some members will use the scheme regularly, whilst others may use it as a trial, to decide whether to buy their own trailer.

Obviously there are lots of things to be resolved, such as:

  • Finding a convenient, central, secure location to store the trailer(s)
  • Choosing the right trailer(s) (Cost, stability, capacity, suitability of bracket, etc.)
  • Finding funding
  • Maintaining the trailers

In early July, four of us headed off to D.TEK in Little Thetford, near Ely, to investigate their large range of trailers.

One of the issues that emerged from this visit is that we don’t really know what local demand there is for such a scheme. That’s where you can help. Please answer the questionnaire and send us your answers. If you can find time to reply, even if the answer is simply that you don’t think you’d be interested, it will be a great help in deciding on requirements for trailers and for storage. Thanks in advance.

Cycle Trailers Questionaire

  • Q1. How often might you want to borrow a trailer? (e.g. every 2 weeks, 4 times a year, never)
  • Q2. Is there a reason why you don’t want to borrow one (e.g. I’ve got my own already)?
  • Q3. Each time you borrow a trailer, how long do you expect you might need it for? (e.g. a few hours, 3 days)
  • Q4. What would be your most likely place(s) to start a trailer journey (e.g. which street)?
  • Q5. What would be your most likely destinations on a trailer journey (e.g. which shop(s))?
  • Q6. How far do you think you might be prepared to cycle to collect a trailer, and to return it?
  • Q7. What sort of volume of load do you think you might want to carry (e.g. 8 supermarket shopping bags, one bag of cement etc.)?
  • Q8. What sort of weight do you think you might want to carry?

We’re happy to accept replies in any format, so please don’t feel you need to chop up your newsletter! Hand-written, e-mailed responses etc. are all fine. Thank you for the help.

Clare Macrae